Sheet Music

September 8 - The Nativity of the Theotokos

"How Strange It Is" (Vrionides) - Megalynarion  (mp3 Audio File)

September 14 - Exaltation of the Holy Cross

"Save, O Lord" (after Roubanis) - Apolytikion  (mp3 Audio File)

"By Your Own Will" (Vrionides) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)

November 21 - The Presentation of the Mother of God into the Temple

"The Purest Temple" (Vrionides) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)

December 25: Christmas - The Nativity of Christ

The Second Antiphon (Sakellarides)  (mp3 Audio File)

"Your Birth, O Christ our God" (Roubanis) - Apolytikion  (mp3 Audio File)

"On This Day, the Virgin Comes" (Roubanis) - *Forefeast* Kontakion (November 26 - December 24)  (mp3 Audio File)

"Magnify, My Soul" (Vrionides) - Megalynarion  (mp3 Audio File)

"The Lord Has Sent Redemption" (Roubanis) - Communion Hymn  (mp3 Audio File)

February 2 - The Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Canon (Matins), Ode ix - Traditional Byzantine Melody (Mode 3)  (mp3 Audio File)

Great Lent

Canon of the Akathist - Salutations to the Mother of God (Vrionides) - COMING SOON!

"At the Exceeding Beauty" (Vrionides) - Kathisma  (mp3 Audio File)

"O Champion General" (Vrionides) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)

"O Champion General" (Vrionides - *Alternate Melody*) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)  

       *In this version, sopranos and altos are more in "perfect harmony" (major thirds) than the first arrangement by Vrionides.  Also, tenors and basses sing together for most of the piece.

First Sunday of Lent (Sunday of Orthodoxy): "Before Your Most-Pure Icon" (Vrionides) - Apolytikion  (mp3 Audio File)

Third Sunday of Lent (Veneration of the Cross): "Save, O Lord" (after Roubanis) - Apolytikion  (mp3 Audio File)

Palm Sunday

"In Heaven Upon A Throne" (Roubanis) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)

"The Lord is God" (Roubanis) - Megalynarion  (mp3 Audio File)

Pascha (Easter)

"Christ is Risen" (Roubanis)  (mp3 Audio File)
"Christ is Risen" - Official Melody and Text by GOARCH
 (Harmonized after Sakellarides)  (mp3 Audio File)

"Into the Grave" (Vrionides) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)

"The Angel Cried to Her" (Roubanis) - Megalynarion  (mp3 Audio File)


"Blessed Are You, O Christ our God" (Vrionides) - Apolytikion  (mp3 Audio File)
"When the Most-High God" (Roubanis) - Kontakion  (mp3 Audio File)

The Great Prokeimenon: "Who Is So Great A God" (Athanasopoulos) - Three-part harmony  (mp3 Audio File)

August 6 - Transfiguration

"You Were Transfigured" (Vrionides) - Apolytikion  (mp3 Audio File)